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3D Software developer

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OpenIndoor is a company involved in the world of open mapping.
We develop an innovative web app that allows users to get a digital mapping of the interior of buildings. 
Our 3D and interactive mapping solution is designed for different domains: hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, shows/exhibitions, technical management of buildings, etc…

As a young and innovative company, we put forward our ability to approach problems from a different angle. We guarantee customer satisfaction and complete transparency to them. For this reason, we guarantee a supportive environment and the cohesion of our teams to deliver the best of ourselves.
We promote an agile mindset, based on trust, the affinity of all team members, and the continuous improvement of our developments.

In the context of this internship, you will be brought to work on the continuous improvement of the 3D rendering of our solutions.

As a 3D Software Developer, you will:
   ➤ Work and adapt the rendering to the client’s needs
   ➤ Understand geojson, Open Street Map data & how Maplibre works for rendering
   ➤ Model indoor plans using JOSM
   ➤ Work on indoor geolocation under the WI-FI RTT standard (802.11mc)

Field case studies will be welcome, as discovery, demonstrations and validation of concepts. 

You will also be expected to use:
    ➤ ThreeJS,

About us